I can’t stop the dreams / That come in the night, / For even while awake / I’m gazing towards light.

My mother died, / My father sighed, / And he wondered / What might become of me / And my dreams?

Trusting a man along the way / I found my brothers lying in wait / To banish me from the clan, / And send me away.

They could not utter aloud / Even my name, / And, casting me into a pit / They spat me away / And broke my father’s heart.

My name had been written with stars – / But I became a slave  / And as flesh in a woman’s heart.

Her master, incensed / Sent me to Sheol, / But still a seer / I glimpsed a glow / And blessings bubbled / Into my dreams.

Alas, I was given reprieve, / Restored to the King, / And I served him faithfully / With shaven head, an Egyptian name, / Secure at his right hand.

There, alone, my heart hardened, / I trusted no one, / Neither man nor angel, / But I dreamed my dreams / And waited for redemption.

My brothers came, / Their faces forlorn, / Begging for bread / Before the throne, / Thinking me Viceroy, / With scepter in hand, / Not as Joseph / From their clan.

My heart had shut down / For twenty odd years / My love blown away / In cold desert tears.

As my father re-dug his father’s old wells, / Seeing my brothers / I recalled where I dwelt, / And water seeped up / Into my steeped-up heart, / To open me to love again.

I forgave them / And brought them near, / And saved them / from their fears, / As God intended / all these years.