I was sent this in an email, and though I assume that it was not intended for Jews at this time of year, I think it is exactly what we ought to be thinking about in the month of Elul before the High Holidays. It was written by Gary Ryan Blair.

to change.
to fall in love.
to tell the truth.
to get in shape.
to simplify your life.
to act with integrity.
to do the right thing.
to enjoy the journey.
to expand your mind.
to dream big dreams.
to make a comeback.
to ask for forgiveness.
to live happily ever after.
to take full responsibility.
to create a breakthrough.
to honor your commitments.
to break out of a comfort zone.
to expose yourself to greatness.
to commit your life to excellence.
to be what you might have been.
to start heading in the right direction.
to make a significant contribution to society.
to make everything you say, think and do count.
It’s never to late to do anything, just a little later than it was!
Dreams deferred are dreams that die – a process that can
take the dreamer along with them. The good news is that it’s
never too late to revisit, and relive, one’s deepest desires.
Go for it, and always remember…
Everything Counts!