Much has been written about the refusal of the leadership of the IOC to honor the memory of the 11 Israeli athletes murdered during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich in a way befitting them as Olympians during opening ceremonies in London on Friday evening.

It is important, of course, for the world to remember what happened 40 years ago, but even more so to know who those 11 human beings were as fathers, sons, husbands, Jews, and Israelis.  You can see their photographs and read their stories at\.

Their names were:

David Berger – Ze’ev Friedman – Eliezer Halfin – Amitzur Shapira – Kehat Shorr – Mark Slavin – Andre Spitzer – Yakov Springer – Yossef Romano – Yossef Gutfreund – Moshe Weinberg.

Zichronam livrachah! May their memory be a blessing!