The press too often, in its extreme efforts to appear “non-partisan”, blames the Congress in general for the dysfunction of the government in Washington, D.C. The truth, however, is simpler. It is the Republican Party that is the cause of the dysfunction, and this piece by Jonathan Chait explains why.

President Obama is finally seeking ways to by-pass Congress in his appointments which have been held up for no reason except that the Republican Party, led by its extremist and cynical leaders, have refused to work with him and the Democrats since the day he took office. I wish the press would call it as it is and assess responsibility specifically instead of doing summersaults to appear above the fray thus ignoring the truth. Here here for Jonathan Chait! Let’s see if others follow suit.

Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine
Chait writes: “President Obama’s decision to use a recess appointment to seat Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was a no-brainer – such a no-brainer, in fact, that many of us were racking our brains to figure out why he didn’t do it sooner. It’s an important move that brings together four important battles the Obama administration is waging:”