Go forth from your land, my Lord, / Go forth, come to me, / travel my skin with your lips. / Come dark, come night, / touch all of me, touch, / leave no soundness. / Rise in omens within me, grant / on everlasting inheritance, a multitude / of seed, my Lord, / because I grant it to you / I will increase your hire.

Go forth from your body, my Lord, / go forth, come to me, / wound my heart, smooth of teeth. / Touch my face, touch my eyes, / truly kill, leave nothing. / Rise within me to the fingers of tears, rise / to the man, until before you / I / shall end.

Go forth from yourself, my Lord, / go forth, come to me, / travel my length, my width, / travel my horizon / I / will burn before you, not consumed. / See my spirit / but some face to your void, see / here I am / no more.

(Translated from the Hebrew by the author. From “Modern Poems on the Bible: An Anthology” – edited with an Introduction by David Curzon, publ. JPS, 1994)

Amir Or was born in Tel Aviv in 1956. He is an editor, translator and poet whose works have been published in more than 30 languages. Or is the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Prize for poetry.