• Death Penalty for the Crime of Driving While Israeli – Bradley Burston
    As of this week, my daughter’s school is now within reach of rockets from Gaza that travel farther and with far more deadly payloads than the weapons we knew just a short time ago. With blasts strong enough to shatter apartment windows seven stories in the air. My daughter is an unarmed noncombatant. That should matter. It should matter, in particular, to progressives who believe, and justly so, that the inalienable rights of human beings, children in particular, take clear precedence.
    It should matter, as well, when progressives turn a blind eye to war crimes committed against Israel. Here, Islamic Jihad’s calls of “Death to Israel” come wrapped in Iranian steel and 40 pounds of explos ives: a call for genocide. “Death to Israel” means death to Israelis. It means death to the members of my family, a family which has long worked hard and consistently and intensively for the rights of Palestinians, Muslims and Christians alike, to live in safety and sovereignty in a country of their own. Last weekend, Moshe Ami, a father and grandfather killed by an Islamic Jihad rocket, was put to death on the streets of Ashkelon for the crime of Driving While Israeli. (Ha’aretz)