Apologies – here is the link to the complete article entitled “Why the Palestinians Can’t Recognize the Jewish State?” and my original but edited and clarified post from last evening:


To understand the Palestinian position vis a vis the Jewish State of Israel I recommend highly this article. It responds to the question “Why Can’t the Palestinians Recognize the Jewish State?” and is written by Ahmad Samih Khalidi, a former Palestinian negotiator. He is editor of Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyya, the Arabic-language sister publication of The Journal of Palestine Studies.

Upon reading this piece and pondering what it will take to forge a secure end-of-conflict resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is clear that for both Israel and the Palestinians the rhetoric of any future deal must preserve Israel’s Zionist principles of historic rights to the land of Israel as a national homeland and the Palestinian principles of the right to Palestine as their national homeland without either negating the other.

The question is, of course, given these mutual claims to the same land, is a deal even possible? I believe that it is if each side can accept less through compromise than its maximal claim.